My name is Carson Rouse. I am a Sophomore at Sebring Mckinley High School in Sebring, Ohio. My dad, my brother Robbie and I have always been interested in anything and everything entrepreneurial. We have all dabbled with side businesses, many that failed and some that worked. In one of our usual talks about possible businesses, I came up with the idea for Legacy Book. This was more than 6 months ago. Since then, other than school and sports, I have spent countless hours on making this a reality. I did bring my brother and dad on to help me. My brother created my website and did the programming required to make it fully functional. My dad helped me secure appointments with book binderies. I not only have months invested in this business but also my own money. Basically all of my money, so I really hope I succeed.


Rob Rouse Sr.

Manufacturer Relations

I have been the Sales Manager for Abrasive Supply Company, Minerva Ohio for the past 16 years. I enjoy lifting weights, watching football, hunting, watching my kids play sports and family vacations. I reside in Sebring, Ohio with my wife Rachel and sons Robbie and Carson.


Carson Rouse


I am a Sophomore in high school at Sebring McKinley, Sebring Ohio where I play football. Next year I plan on entering the business and marketing program at the MCCTC in Canfield, Ohio. I enjoy playing sports, watching football, playing video games and entrepreneurial activities.


Rob Rouse Jr.

Vice President/CTO

I am a Freshman Computer Science major at the University of Akron. I am in the honors program and live on campus. I played football and basketball in high school and now enjoy lifting weights, playing video games, entrepreneurial activities and spending time with my family and my girlfriend Kylie.